Body Wellness

Linda Demaine Massage offers body wellness by blending the rhythmicly flowing full body ocean wave strokes of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with the light compression of Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique, SMRT, for a uniquely personalized session to address injuries, pain, stress, restrictions of movement, recovery from surgery, and to relieve discomfort during and after pregnancy for the restoration of the body's natural state of health, balance and harmony from within. Body wellness can also be addressed through Traditional Thai Foot Massage and Himalayan Salt Stone Meridian Massage of which Linda Demaine Massage also offers

Massage: An Investment In Health

Massage is the world's most awesome stress reducing relaxation tool. Receiving massage on a regular basis creates a cumlative effect on the body's well being. Invest in your health and wellness today by experiencing the Aloha of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi in a uniquely personalized session as Linda brings the sacred healing touch of Aloha to you. Reserve yourself an appointment to begin your journey into wellness.

Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is an ancient healing art practiced by the kahuna lomilomi in Hawaii. Lomi Lomi means "the loving touch, a connection between heart, hand, and soul with the source of all life." A statement by Aunty Margaret, a Native Hawaiian, who opened the art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi's sacred touch of Aloha to the world. Linda offers two forms of Lomi, Hawaiian Lomi which addresses the physical body and Sacred Temple Lomi which addresses the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique, SMRT

Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique is a highly effective pain free method of releasing tension and tautness found in muscles, tendons and ligaments. I call it SMART: Spontaneous Muscle Awesome Release Technique because it is deep tissue work that is non-invasive through the use of light compression that the body responds too spontaneously!