Your Session

Massage RoomBeginnings

On your first visit we begin with a Medical Information Intake form and a brief interview so that a uniquely personalized session of optimal healing is created to meet your individual needs. I leave the room after the interview so that you may undress to your comfort level and position yourself on the table between the draping in private. When you are ready I re-enter the room and your massage session begins.

The Massage Session

You are properly draped at all times (which is required by state law). This also keeps you warm and comfortable. Only the area being worked upon is uncovered. I let you know if you need to be positioned differently, when it is time to turn around and when the massage session is over. I welcome feedback during the massage if the pressure, music, positioning etc. needs adjusting.

Session Time

Your session is for the full time of 30, 60, 75 or 90 minutes as scheduled. Please allow for an additional 30 minutes in addition to the massage time, 15 minutes before the session for the intake interview and undressing and 15 minutes after the session for dressing and completion.

Products Used

Organic Jojoba Oil is used as a lubricant to gently glide over the body to prevent friction to the skin. I also use an organic mango butter and jojoba oil cream I create on the hands and feet.

A Personal Note from Linda

"I truly love doing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and have witnessed the immediate and long-term healing results that Lomi Lomi provides. I am honored to be a facilitator on your journey of body wellness through the sacred touch of Aloha of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi connecting heart, hand and soul with the source of all life.. Blessings of Peace." Linda